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House Clearings or Blessings

by Brenda Posani on 09/19/16

how to preform a house clearingI get several calls every week wanting help with a haunting or house clearing. If you are one of these people and would like me to do a reading on your home or business, I would be happy to do that. You may want to come in person to Mystic Nirvana for a 1 Hr. Psychic Reading -(In Person), first. I prefer not knowing anything about the haunting when you come. I do charge what I do for an hour reading. $135. Just please schedule under 1hr. psychic reading in person and let me know its about a haunting when you get here. 

If you prefer an investigation while I am reading at your home, I can do that also. I have a team of Advanced Psychic Mediums that will be coming with me. (usually about 5 total) We do have an array of equipment such as, cameras, recorders, meters, etc. that we will be bringing. They will also be reading the home as we conduct the investigation. This is usually scheduled on a Saturday night and would need all animals and children out of the home. I also charge what I would for an hour reading $135, since you are getting more than just an investigation but also a mediumship reading. If this is something you would like just text or email me and we will schedule something. 

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