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Mystic Nirvana is proud to serve you as a premier provider of Psychic Readings, Astrology Readings, Metaphysical Training, Psychic Development Courses, and Reiki. Below you will find out the experience some of our clients have had with Psychic Medium, Brenda Posani, and her amazing accuracy.
"This is Joyce from yesterday's session." 
First, thank you so much for spending time with Tiffany and me, you are appreciated. I have to tell you after reading the notes when I got home, I realize the Kenny and California is actual my good friend I call Seven but her real name is Kendra, everyone else calls her Kinny. Anyway, she is moving to California. As soon as I saw it written down it hit me. The "T" Theresa was actually the woman my dad was dating immediately after my mom passed. I didn't get that until I heard the recording. Also Louis and Clark, after hearing it again is my dear Grandma, her name is Lucille Clarke (her father was Lucius Clarke), she basically orchestrated with my aunt and dad to move most of the family from Philly to Columbus for better life. She passed in 1997.

"I just learned something amazing."
The Reverend you spoke of was RIGHT ON. Turns on the house I was mentioning on the other side of the lake is actually I tiny church. The leader of that church also owned the land where all of these house and everything was developed. He didn't want it to be developed in such a manner and it is apparently still an issue between his living family and the land development company.Thanks again. 

"The reading you gave me on Jan 6th was amazing!"
 I want you to know that I have so much peace now .. your contact with my loved ones has allowed me to sleep better than I have in my life .. I am 66 .. and I have such peaceful dreams now .. thank you so much .. I have been telling my friends about you .. Thanks again, God bless you,
Just to let you know...Wow!" 
The number 10, Goodale Park, West Harrison, itchy skin, keys, maintenance, kakis, uniform, letter K, All made sense once I got home and ran it by my husband. It was our friend Kent, who died recently from cancer. He was complaining about the chemo making his skin dry and itchy all the time. He and my husband worked 10 precinct together which was the short north area at that time (Goodale Park, west Harrison). He owned apartment buildings, therefore he maintained them (keys). He was in the navy a long time ago (uniform khakis). So, what was coming to you was all spot on and only things he would know pertained to him and my husband.  

Thanks again...enjoyed our session. I look forward to listening to what was said again when you send the recording. Sometimes you pick up more when you re listen. Some stuff makes more sense. Thanks Brenda!
"Just a quick note to thank you"
 for my reading last Saturday.You are AMAZING!!! Your gift is so special . .My grandmother came through- and told me something I've needed to hear since she passed. I can't get the reading out of my mind. It really gave me some closure.

You are the best!! I've told all of my friends- and I will be bringing my Mom to see you in the next month or so. Thank you again! And enjoy your new space!!
~Amy M.
"I am pretty sure you saved my home and even possibly someone from getting hurt!"

As you may recall from my reading in August, you said that you saw fire outside my home. You couldn't really get more details, but said to be cautious about fire outside, and you emphasized that the fire would be outside, not inside. I knew that we were having a big bonfire at our home the first weekend in October (an annual event) so I pretty much chalked your vision up to that.

However, because I've come to trust that your insights are a litttle too often true, when the day of the bonfire came, I was very careful about the fire and kept a good watch on it all evening. Around 10pm, I was pretty sure I was in the clear. At about this time, another mother came to me and said that she caught 2 teens smoking in the yard on the side of my home. They tried to act like they were not doing anything, but this mom knew better. She was just letting me know so that I would be aware, but something told me I should go over to where the incident happened and take a look. Sure enough, the boys had put their smoldering cigarettes in a plastic cup, shoved some napkins down in it, and threw it in a pile of items we had on the side of the house that was to go to charity. These items included a mattress, some wood furniture, and some bagged clothing--all very flammable! I have no doubt that if I was not especially worried about fire that day, I would have never chosen to walk over to where the boys had been, and the cigarettes would have had a chance to catch the napkin on fire, and thereby starting a blaze at my home.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. It is very possible you saved my home, and maybe even the life of someone I love.
Warmly, Sherri F.